Ghost in the Machine

Cade Diehm, Susan Ploetz & Joshua Johnson
Sat 7 July, 16:00-18:00
Followed by BBQ

Black-boxed problem solving, simulated bodywork, and weaponised design. We host the designer Cade Diehm, the artist-researcher Susan Ploetz, and the theorist Joshua Johnson. We will discuss three tactics for resisting the biases produced by humans and machines, looking at the training of neural networks, the design of user interfaces, and the role of the body in live action role-playing games.

Cade Diehm researches the political and social role of design at Tactical Technology Collective, a Berlin-based non-profit working at the intersection of technology, human rights and civil liberties. He has spent ten years examining systems, aesthetics and interface design and their influence on infrastructure, decentralisation and online self-identity.

Susan Ploetz works with somatics, theory, writing, performance and live-action roleplay (larp). Recent projects include: Test Worlds, a project using larping as a speculative design and rapid AI prototyping technique; and The Guild, a larp inspired by Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy to embody/invite alien consciousnesses.

Joshua Johnson works across a diverse range of media including sculpture, video, installation, and research-based practices. In 2017, his essay ‘Mutually Accelerating Demands’ was published by Urbanomic in COLD WAR/COLD WORLD edited by Amanda Beech, Robin Mackay, and James Wiltgen.