The European Stack: Call for applications

The European Union currently finds itself in a peculiar situation. Chinese and American digital infrastructure monopolies are solidifying, increasing the friction between San Francisco flavoured platform-capitalism, Beijing’s Great Firewall, and supposed European values for taxation, privacy, the inclusion of migrants, labour protection, housing rights and environmentalism.

From October through December 2019, Trust will explore narratives and projects that reimagine the European Stack* as a political project. What is the way forward for pan-european digital infrastructure? Could the European Stack be a project about, and model for, a solidarity-based politics?

Trust is interested in hearing from people working on economic science fictions, platform proposals and policy designs. The goal of the residency is to lay the groundwork for platforms and networks that distribute risk, rather than concentrating it at the most vulnerable edges.

The programme consists of 5 research residencies and a thematically aligned public programme.

Research residency

  • Residents receive a full flex desk membership for the 3 months of their residency. This includes 24/7 access to a desk spot & access to all member-events and amenities
  • Residents meet weekly with Trust team are matched with individuals from the Trust network to assist and give feedback on your work.
  • Residents produce documentation of their research, published on the Trust website. The exact terms are discussed as part of the interview process.

We are interested projects dealing with all 44 countries of the European continent. We also want to encourage applications that contains concepts or ideas that could and should be an integral part of the European stack to be, even if currently not specifically designed for the European context.

*Multilayered megastructure composed by different genres of computation. Originates from software stack. See Benjamin Bratton, The Stack, 2016.

Open for applications until: Sep 19, 2019

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